Completed Adsense-Affiliate-NHP Product Website

Complete "Adsense" Website
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Complete website with spider attracting webpages.

You can view an example of a Niche Health Product Mini-Site for the subject of: Heart Disease
Sales Page
Article Pages

Training & Instruction

Editing Your NHP Mini-Site....PDF

Video Tutorials
Video 1 ----Intro and Uploading Instruction
Video 2 ----Edit 2 Files for Sitewide Changes
Video 3 ----Affiliate & Optin Monetization Techniques

Index Page

  1. index.htm page as sales page for NHP ebook
  2. this page has to be edited
  3. this page needs your payment button
  4. you need to set up thankyou page with download link

I did not spend any time on discussing the index page. I created the index as a salespage assuming some marketer's will be selling the ebook. It's pretty obvious, if that' the case then you'd want to edit the salespage with your button, thankyou page and download link.

Alternatively, you could use this page to promote the a Free Guide and just include a subscription or optin box in the appropiate place.


Having a sales price of $20 prohibits me from providing installation.

My goal is to provide at lease one site a month. I would like to get whatever I can to get you to be interested in putting up at lease one site a month. You can email me for support, I'll try to help the best I can. Please allow at least 24 hours, I'm sure it will be quicker, however, I never know how I'll be feeling.

If you would like the site installed, I'll do it for $25. If you want the site installed, please send all the necessary ftp and log in details for your hosting account.

If you have any questions, please drop me an email at Support