Shortcuts for you to make the most of it: How to sell your products EASIER Why you need blogs at all Breakthrough way to make affiliate money (will you be among the first to use it?) Want to automatically ping posts in Blogger's blogs? Want to send Trackback pings for Blogger's blogs? 55 ideas of use "I can almost guarantee you that one or more of your competitors is using a blog to communicate and distribute information on products and services that compete with yours." Thomas L. Pakii Pierce "I have 12 other sites that I would like to convert to blogs but the thought of posting daily or almost daily content on them seems daunting and the maintenance may keep me from developing more sites. If you have solutions for this, I would be happy to hear them." Ricardo Diaz Blogs are hot, you know that. But no one has the time to update them often and regularly. This software lets you make posts in advance and leave them to be published on schedule later, freeing you for quality time with your family, mountain biking, relaxed work on other niches. Let this Marketer's blogging software auto-link your keywords, auto-embed your affiliate links, send TrackBacks, ping, help you with SEO, leverage for you the Breakthrough Way To Make Affiliate Money. Read this letter to discover why people say: "This is destined to become the most powerful tool in my niche marketing arsenal." Do you believe headlines, salescopies? And how to make your prospects to believe you easier? Familiar to you, isn't it: you've got a great product, you want to let the word out, but what should you write so that people believe it? ...yep, it's marketing problem #1 of all times. But now, with blogs, it just got some help. Imagine: people come to your site, and they even want to buy what you've got to sell there... but they don't know you. With any proofs of earnings, they still don't know if it's true, if you're really an expert, if you're aware of the recent trends etc. But then they see a link to your blog... and by curiosity or just by sense of relief they needn't pay/decide there, they go to your blog. And... they're caught. Why? Because now they can see for themselves that you really are an expert, that you know what you're talking about, that you speak their language, that you have their best interest in mind. Compare it to a site that doesn't have a blog, just a salescopy. Suddenly you see, the chances to sell there are much less, right? It's just like you buying from someone you know and trust (someone you feel you know and trust) vs. buying from an unknown company's website... somewhere on the Internet ...And THIS is the true power of blogs for your business! I mean, people say different things about blogs: they help you communicate with your market; you can instantly know what people want; blogs bring you search engines spiders - fast; blogs help you build anticipation toward your product launch (remember John Reese and his One Million Dollar Day?) you can run contests as Jeff Walker just these days so brilliantly did for his course, getting tons of social proof; you don't have to hire an expensive web designer for your web presense; you can quickly and easily update a website (your blog) at any time and from virtually any place on the globe; you can quickly create multiple pages on your website without any spamming techniques; you can build and maintain a website (your blog) not knowing HTML at all! your site will be easily categorized (good both for your visitors and the search engines); it's an easy way for an offline business to build their online presense quickly, cheaply and effectively; etc. etc. etc. You see, if it's 8:00 PM now, you can start updating your new website by 8:15 PM, even if you don't know anything about HTML. And even if you don't know anything about SEO, you can be attracting search engines to your website (your blog) on a constant basis, updating your blog easily and quickly. But apparently, the real, tremendous power of blogs is in letting your prospect 'touch' you, see that you 'walk your talk', that you understand the subject and that they want more of you. Can you agree? It reminds of what Paul Myers said about salescopy: "If it's 5 pages of irrelevant stuff, it seems long. If it's thirty pages of solutions to problems that are important to you, it goes by like a great short story. When you're finished, you want more. That's why you order. That's the difference." But, up until now, blogs have been having a dark side: They've been taking too much of your time and commitment. You should've been committed to posting often enough and regularly enough. Which's been hard even for passionate bloggers. Does this situation sound familiar? You have to write something, and suddenly you not only don't know what, but also you don't want to do it. The more it happens, the more you start hating yourself for not doing what's right, for keeping being late on the task. Relax, it's not your fault. It's just the way the things are being done. Someone said, you start seeing obstacles when you're taking your eyes off your goal. And indeed, when we're in the flow, when we're researching things and going for that great idea, and see some websites, then we easily see tons of things we could blog about. But in such moments we don't really want to spread our focus on too much things (it happens anyway, we all suffer from going in too much directions, trying to do too much things all together). And when the time comes and we realize that it's been too long since the last post into that blog, and that we should put something there, then all we see is this obstacle on our way. As Andy Wibbels says, "suddenly dishes seem to be much more entertaining." So what you need would be a software tool that would allow you to make posts easily at the time you can make them, from your bookmarks made at that "research time", and then take care of all these posts when you're not up to the blogging, freeing you to other tasks. It becomes even more relevant when we're speaking of niches: You wouldn't want at the same time blog about tens (hundreds?) of subjects for different niches you're working with. You'd prefer to work with one niche, set everything up for it and then let it run smoothly by itself, while you're taking care of completely different niches. What more, for some niches you'd prefer to hire a passionate blogger. But think and compare, how much would it cost to hire someone to create a bunch of posts for you at once, or hire a blogger that would be constantly updating your blog. But in your absense that software should spread the posts you gave it and make the blog still look alive, not spammy, but useful and personal, not just a bunch of republished articles. And that's what we prepared for you. It's called BlogAutoPublisher. True, some blogging services allow you to save drafts to be published when you tell it, in the future (still not allowing your schedule to be easily changed). But some of them have problems with pinging, others cannot put blogs at your own domain, others are hard to install, and yet others don't have the convenient "Blog This" button which allows you to blog easily while you browse. Why should you depend on it when choosing the blog service? Now let's talk about something completely different... Breakthrough Way to Make Affiliate Money When you sign up for an affiliate program, it usually gives you some links, where you should send the traffic: either a salescopy or some articles. That's it. When you motivate people to click on your affiliate link, usually they already know that they'll find a salescopy there, and you have to presell them on the affiliate product to make them click the link at all. But isn't it obvious that it's easier to make people do what they want, instead of making them do what you want? And what do people usually want on the Internet? Information. Now, close your eyes for a moment and imagine what it would be like to send your prospects to any blog posts that the affiliate program owner made and when the prospects see the value in the blog and buy something there, you would get your affiliate check... Do you see how it would widen your horizons? ...And it IS possible! There is such a thing as deep linking: when you can say where the visitor should be redirected. Case Study #1: Andy Wibbels, a widely known passionate blogger, provides seminars, teaching blogging for business. Compare the two links: - courses, books, seminars on blogging and podcasting 40 questions about blogging (+40 answers) Which one did you follow immediately? In the first case I used my default affiliate link: in the second I used deep linking to Andy's blog post: http:// about-blogging-40-answers/ The beauty of it is that when people come to this blog post, they immediately can see that Andy is a real expert in blogs. It may convince them much easier than the salescopy: they like the information, they want more of it. Now when I find another Andy's post of interest, I can make yet another affiliate link: Blogger Earns $16K in August using this URL: http:// Andy speaks there of a new lucrative course, Six Figure Blogging. I can just add it: http:// or I can still send people to Blogger Earns $16K in August - what could be a better place to convince them that six figure blogging is real. Do you see the freedom you get now? You can take any blog post and send people to information and entertainment - exactly what they want! - and let the blog owner show the expertise making the customers buy. Sending you affiliate money. Btw, tip: How to check if your new affiliate link works (this is how it works for 1shoppingcart; and anyway, to be sure, check with the affiliate program support service): In the affiliate admin page, go to Reports; choose "Impressions Clicks Leads Sales" in the combobox; click button Create Report; look how many Clicks there are there; go to another browser window, paste there the new affiliate link you've just made and go there; come back to the page with reports and hit that Create Report button again; if the link works, the number of clicks should increase by 1. What You Can Do With This Information: I'll tell you what Jim Edwards did with it: when he found out, he immediately created an entry on his blog, What does Michael Campbell think of and notified his affiliates that now they can send visitors to this blog post, using deep affiliate link of a kind: http:// icha.html ...Do you understand that you now can send people to Jim's blog posts and earn your affiliate money? With BlogAutoPublisher all your affiliate links will finally be easily accessible, easily addable to your blog posts. And it gets even better... With BlogAutoPublisher You Can Republish Those Blog Posts/Feeds Automatically With Your Affiliate Links In Them Case Study #2: Axandra, specializing in SEO software, provides Free Weekly SEO News. Again, compare the two links: - software for successful sites a new bad trick for high Google rankings Which one did you follow immediately? In the first case I used my default affiliate link: in the second I used deep linking to Axandra's feed entry: But Axandra provides a whole feed with teaser phrases for these news. [Feed is a file of a special format, each blog usually has a feed, too.] So if they agree, you could republish this feed to your blog, mixing it with your entries. To read the rest of the article, your readers will follow your affiliate link. Some interesting ideas: niche blogs hub with teasers & affiliate links? analog of tipsmachine in blogs? Google AdWords landing page? Of course, with feed authors permission and abiding to Google AdWords rules. Note to the wise: There are two more things you should check with 1shoppingcart support service (or your other affiliate program provider): 1shoppingcart offers a possibility to make your affiliate links look as if they go to your own domain. If I understand correctly, the deep linking scheme above should work in these cases as well. Then... do you see it?... when your affiliates republish your feeds or link to your blog articles from their blogs... can you imagine it? there will be links to your domains all over the Internet and not just on never-updating pages but in blogs! Do you think it could help your SEO efforts? Links to your domain, and not from some comments with "nofollow" tag in them, but from the blog posts... with relevant context... the wise should understand by now. ;-) And btw if your affiliates use BlogAutoPublisher, your content you want them to republish, can be republished for them automatically... to their blogs... with links to you. 1shoppingcart support service told me if the blog is on an entirely different domain, it doesn't matter. Which means, your blog can be on one domain, your affiliate program on another, your products on yet other domains, and all you need to do is add to your blog (to posts or to the sidebar) links to those sites with your products. Which also means, your blog doesn't have to be on your own domain for all the described above to work for you (with TypePad, for example). So... ...Do you, an affiliate program owner, understand, how easy it is now to give your affiliates new promotional materials, making them bring more and more traffic to your sites? No more going to that affiliate program admin center, recalling the link, the username and the password, fussing with all the tabs etc. You just publish to your blog and your affiliates get new material they can send their prospects to. Let this idea sink for a moment... think how profitable it can be for you... and how easy... Would you like some help? - With BlogAutoPublisher: you'll publish much more often - it will be much easier; "I'll buy it now" write when you have time - publish on schedule; outsource writing posts - publish on schedule; use public domains - publish on schedule; let your affiliates set up their BlogAutoPublisher to republish your materials to their blogs automatically: your affiliates can republish first paragraphs of your posts to make people go to your blog to read the rest; your affiliates can set up links to your products in your articles they republish, to be automatically replaced with their affiliate links; and when you are an affiliate, you can yourself set up BlogAutoPublisher to replace links or keywords of your choice with your affiliate links - automatically; some more ways to profit on blog posts will be known to our customers only: as many secrets in marketing, these work better when known to a private group only; link your best keywords to your site pages; easily track from which blog an affiliate link brings more profits; add Technorati Tags to your posts; automatically ping ping-o-matic or pingoat - even for Blogger's blogs, with pings smartly spread; send TrackBack - even for Blogger's blogs (no need for HaloScan); and much more - too overwhelming to list them all here... [Get 55 ideas of use for BlogAutoPublisher, subscribing at the bottom of this page.] This desktop application will work with your blogs on Movable Type, Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, Drupal and many others... more information ...But that's not all. Now I'd like to say something really important, it's just between you and me. Every guru, writing to you, calls you to act on your ideas, "act right now." But what, don't you want to act? Of course you want to, but something sabotages you. If only you could get rid of this burden that doesn't let you enjoy the immediate action! Every your dream would suddenly become easily achievable (deep down inside you know it, don't you?). I know you're on your way to break through, and that's A LOT. And I know how I felt when Jim Edwards told me: "I'm proud of you," I want you to feel the wings, too. So I built into this software sayings that inspired me on this way (you may also put there sayings that inspire you). Here are several of them: "What if loneliness was simply a feeling of impatience, telepathically sent to you by friends you've yet to meet, urging you to go out more, do more, and get involved, so that life's serendipities could bring you together... Would you still feel alone? What if illness was just the signal a healthy body sent to urge clarification of your thoughts, feelings and dreams... Would you still, at times, think of yours as diseased? What if feelings of uncertain and confusion were only reminders that you have options, that there's no hurry, and that everything is as it should be... Would you still then feel disadvantaged? What if mistakes and failures only ever happened when your life was about to get even better than it's ever been before... Would you still call them mistakes and failures? And what if poverty and lack were simply demonstrations of your manifesting prowess, as "difficult" to acquire as wealth and abundance... Would they still cause you to feel powerless?" -- from Notes from the Universe, by Mike Dooley, "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." -- Steve Jobs, http://news- "Anyone I know who makes a lot of money at anything, busts their buns to get their projects off the ground. Once they get a business up and running, it might only take a couple of hours a day or week to keep it running, but they worked their fingers to the bone to get things rolling." -- Jim Edwards, Every time you turn on BlogAutoPublisher, one such saying will greet you and make you believe in yourself a little more. Little by little, you'll start achieving much more, and this process will be irreversible. When one day you achieve your most cherished, most daring dream, I'll be honoured to hear these sayings helped you on your way. Keep me posted! ;-) So... it's time to get this software working on you: start making posts when you want, make your affiliate work much easier and more profitable, link your best keywords, popularize your sites, bring traffic to your blogs... Just click on the option that suits you best: [you're protected by our 90-day money-back guarantee] For both versions you get video guide helping you move from simple to advanced tasks quickly and easily. The basic version - BlogAutoPublisher Lite $397 $197 until the next feature update (can be at any moment now. If you order now, you'll get it free). Make posts in advance & leave them to be published on schedule; republish feeds, articles, set up keywords and links to be automatically replaced with affiliate links, use deep linking in your posts and in the republished articles, easily find TrackBack partners, send TrackBack, find out what to write about, add Technorati Tags manually in the posts, do all else described above and in the Ideas of use. Publishing on schedule is limited to 2 times per day (per blog) (you still can publish immediately as often as you wish). Number of blogs to work with is limited to 100. "...after re-reading your website the anticipation of using your software has me chomping at the bit. Please Hurry with the details of my download I can hardly wait..." A more powerful version - BlogAutoPublisher Pro $849 $424 (on the same condition as above). All of the above, plus... adding Technorati Tags automatically to any post, including republished feeds and articles. Publishing on schedule is up to 12 times per day (per blog) (publish immediately as many times as you wish). Number of blogs to work with is Unlimited. And you get priority support service. Order now, and start publishing... in the next 5 minutes (even if you don't have a blog yet: you'll be able to learn it all on our Test Blog). For both versions you become a member of our private BlogAutoPublisher Owners Club, where we'll share: new affiliate programs supporting deep linking & working with blogs; explanations, how deep linking works in different affiliate programs; new ideas of use for BlogAutoPublisher in different niches; new places where you can take articles; new video guides regarding new trends in blogging field; any new resources that help you to profit from blog posts; public domains information; much much more. You'll see! ;-) You'll meet there the affiliate program owners inviting you to republish their feeds and participate in their affiliate programs. Wait until you see the next feature generation for BlogAutoPublisher - it will be truly amazing. And you'll get it free. The choice now is yours... This is an incredible opportunity for you to expand your business, make it more successful and... easy. And enjoyable. I'm here for you. I know what these sleepless nights mean, what this chasing after money is, and the courage it takes to pursue your dreams, especially when others tell you: "Give up, live a normal life like all others..." I already know what gift I'm going to send you to your birthday. This is my hand to you... will you give me yours? Click to choose your option now. Olga. P.S. If you're asking yourself, just how we're different from all autoblogging software tools emerging now, please look at this report written by Jason Potash: This is an important, even shocking, report about recent trends with blogs and RSS. Read it and then think of this: these software tools use only a side-effect of blogs and RSS, their spidering by search engines. It's like using your car only to sit in it and read a book. :) With BlogAutoPublisher you'll be able to use the full, real power of blogs and RSS (and even more, because of the automation). These ideas of use are of such great variety, you won't need the spam techniques. P.P.S. Testimonials. Here they are, some of the live letters: ------- Original Message------- Date: 02 May 2005 20:51:24 ... You're so obviously brilliant, Olga, and when that's combined with so much concern for producing a tool that's of such immense value to the customer plus your skill in marketing -- look out! To me, your success with this project is already a done deal, so I will hold THAT vision for and with you, ok? R. [This letter was from Rebecca Fine. At Yanik's Underground Marketing Seminar this year Rebecca was a lecturer - at the seminar where Dan Kennedy came as a student.] -------- Original Message -------- Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 16:44:57 Olga, You don't know who I am, but I think you're great and I want to help you sell this thing. I've been working inside the blogging industry for over two years, and can envision some extraordinary uses for your new product. LOVE IT! I'll be in touch. Ty West -------- Original Message -------- Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 09:13:21 Dear Olga, I [...] and the program worked perfectly. I haven't gone into the other amazing features yet, that is today's job. I will also send you a testimonial, as a technophobic and a newbie. Your program really is the best tool, and my mini- sites/blogs are scheduled to be churned out daily. I have set up one new blog, and added an existing blog to the feeds so far. You can expect to see a bit more of me in the coming days. I am really grateful for your help and patience. There is something to be said for people like me working with beta software - I don't have a clue how to find any bugs, let alone fix them! Now you know for sure that even the newest of newbies can set this up and get going right away. Warm Aussie regards, Judith Bamford PS. I have advertised in a couple of places and an editorial/recommendation from me will go out in my ezines today. -------- Original Message -------- Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 09:40:47 Olga... I'm getting so excited already!!! My head is already swimming with possibilites and ideas especially the VRE's. At first I was a little worried - I just released my blogging info product and in it I have given very specific reasons why we need to be responsible bloggers and not scrape other people's content etc. but I think BAP is right along the lines of what I personally believe - to create good valuable blogs with as little effort as possible. As for feed republishing I totally agree with you too. I think republishing or reblogging is essential for the whole blogging community but if anyone simply takes a feed from e.g. a technorati search without asking for permission I think that would not be very good as some of these feeds people do not like you to republish. My blogs are all republishable. Again another thing I'll be updating on the product - to create republishable blogs - this is just like creating free articles to help get the word out. Lynette Chandler -------- Original Message -------- Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 16:57:44 Olga, I am sooo excited about your software!! Hundreds, thousands of us are chomping at the bit for your official launch!! ;) Regards, ROB [This one is from Rob Ryan, referred to me by Declan Dunn. Rob usually behaves in a reserved manner. :)] -------- Original Message -------- Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 11:26:31 Olga, Let me return the compliment. You are awesome! I so appreciate you including me in this. I am a blog addict. LOL. I did what you said. [...] Thank you so much. I'll take it from here. Like I said, let me know when you are ready to put up testimonials. Thank you again for giving me something that will cut my blogging time in half, create awesome content, and doesn't have some stupid guru gimmick behind it. This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I'll never have writer's block with it. Thanks again, Jinger. [and another:] ... I checked my Alexa rankings. It's ranked: 374,024 as of today. With BlogAutoPublisher, I will be able to drive my rankings even higher because I will be able to increase the amount of quality content I am posting. Here's the best part: I only started this blog a few months ago. I have websites that don't rank in the top 1,000,000 and I've owned them for several years. In my business, I review a lot of products and services looking for things to recommend, as well as sell. There is so much junk out there. I'm so sick of the "gurus" and their tricks. This is one of the reasons I love BlogAutoPublisher so much. It really helps you increase the amount of content you can put on your blog without adding junk. It's all quality posts. I really look forward to working with you. I can't wait until you launch this because I'm going to tell everyone I know. This is a fantastic product. Keep up the good work. Jinger [This is the testimonial Jinger Jarrett sent later: "I've tried a lot of the new programs that have come out to help you build a blog that makes you money. Like every other marketing method out there, plenty of people have tried to capitalize on this method, and they've succeeded. The problem is that most of what they've done is offer nothing less than splogs (Spam blogs). BlogAutoPublisher is different. This software will save you so much time creating and writing your blog, and it will help you cut your writing time in half. It contains some pretty awesome search tools that will help you find great content to write about, and it helps you build your linking strategy and increase your rankings in the search engines quickly and easily. The exposure you receive will make you more money. This is one of the easiest tools I have ever used, and as a writer and SEO professional, this is a tool that I would recommend to anyone who wants to make more money, save time in writing, and automate the process so that you have a neverending flow of top notch content for your blog."] -------- Original Message -------- Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 14:27:29 Hi Olga, I'm late for a meeting, but I just had to write you this minute. I'm so excited about your product... I don't get to say that often. I didn't even get the chance to finish playing with the software before I realized that I'd have to stop and thank you for having the idea for this product. What is so incredibly impressive about it is that it adds a component to blogs that has been missing - Advanced Scheduling of Posts. I'm in the middle of writing a book that addresses the content side of the problem of managing multiple blog and keeping up with a content schedule. But your product already addresses the technical side of this issue. And it's an absolute breeze to work with. Now I can just set up content for several of my Blogger and Wordpress blogs, and instead of just pre- writing the content, I can set it on a schedule to produce the posts. Another clever thing I noticed was the help area. Because it doesn't just give help on the product the way you'd expect a help menu to do. It helps you overcome many common blogging challenges! Must have for the new blogger. Excellent idea! We'll crush the splogs forever with this tool. Thanks again, Tinu [This one was from Tinu Abayomi-Paul, a real master and educator in blogs and RSS.] -------- Original Message -------- Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 19:41:01 Hi Olga, Thanks for asking. Your sales letter was really eye opening. You made me really think about ways of doing things. BUT I didn't get exactly what your program did. Was it on a server? Was it actually a new blog platform? Was it a desktop application? I was confused, obviously. BUT after I sent you the PM in the warriors forum, I read your 55 tips [55 ideas of use for BlogAutoPublisher, see below]. And THAT answered so many of my questions! That is really well written by the way. What I got from the 55 tips was that your software is rss2blog, except eons beyond it. It's desktop rather then server side. And it is easy for scheduling posts. Yours has the 'post it now' type button. Plus so many more exciting features I won't take the time to list them all here (you know what it does, after all ;-) Yes, it is expensive. I wouldn't be able to touch the full price. But I'm going to try to pull together the funds for this sale you have going. I believe this software will take my business to a whole new level. It's very exciting, thinking about the possiblities. Kim - from a PM on the Warriors forum - Posted - 10/29/2005 : 16:57:22 Olga, I'm VERY impressed with what I've seen of your program so far. Just viewed the video tutorials. Very well done. You've thought of almost everything - and I've got a ton of ideas for my new project, which will be based entirely on a set of 100 blogs. I've been working on the template, content creation, finding helpers to work on the promotions - and was about to focus on setting systems for blog-and-ping, when I came across your post on the forum. Now, it appears I can even do away with the tasks I had planned for a few of my helpers! Will send you a nice testimonial once I've got some results to share - and I'll be telling a few close friends to check this out as well. Think I might do a special report for my blog list also - but only after I first try out all the amazing features you've thrown in. Once again, thank you, and congratulations on putting together a really useful piece of software. All success Dr.Mani - 2 PMs on the Warriors forum, from the same person :) Posted - 10/30/2005 : 22:28:03 The 1st PM: "Hello Olga, Your WSO may be a little more than most of us are used too. I'm not doubting the value of your software. Most WSO's are under $100.00. I was interested in your software until I seen the price. With the holidays approaching I have to pass. I've a WP blog setup with a bunch of plugins that works quite well so I can't justify the expense. Also with the recent discussions on Splog I'm sure that's an issue, too. Well good luck and thought I'd just drop you a line with my opinion, hope I'm not being offensive. Have a Great Day, Dave." And the 2nd PM (from the same person) was: "Hello Olga, I see your catching on to the WSO, very nice deal and I couldn't resist. [It was 'Pro for the price of Lite' deal, still much more than $100...] I enclosed my receipt and after re-reading your website the anticipation of using your software has me chomping at the bit. Please Hurry with the details of my download I can hardly wait. Thanks and look forward to working with you in the future, Dave." - from a PM on the Warriors forum - Posted - 10/30/2005 : 22:28:03 Thanks Olga. Got the download links and upgrade! Wow... This is something that I have been looking for and I can't wait to get started! nordhaus - from a PM on the Warriors forum - Posted - 10/30/2005 : 23:40:02 Olga, Thanks for developing a great time-saving blogging software. I look forward to using it. Regards, Chris Creighton - posted on the Warriors forum - Posted - 10/31/2005 : 15:03:35 For me the most important USP is linking and tagging ... without using a MYSQL database. You do need the pro version for it though. I have gone into a lot more details on my Niche Websites blog. [This one was posted by Andy Beard, who wrote to me about BlogAutoPublisher: "This is destined to become the most powerful tool in my niche marketing arsenal."] - posted on the Warriors forum - Posted - 11/01/2005 : 09:20:50 Okay - I just got back to town and started playing with this today (why does such nifty stuff arrive when I am heading out of town??) - and as Olga said - it is a great compliment to WordPressElite (which I love!) and allows you to automate the tedious part of blogging without creating splogs or winding up with tons of totally off-topic content. Personally - above and beyond the ability to basically "pre-program" my content - I love anything that I can OWN - and use on multiple sites with no monthly fees! Olga - will get back to you tomorrow after I have had a good day of playing with this - but right now I can honestly say I am anxiously waiting for anything else you come up with because this is one killer app! Melody Wigdahl Posted - 11/01/2005 : 16:44:09 Olga - Just wanted to say thanks for your help today! I am NOT a programmer by any means, but between your videos (very impressive!) and your fast responses - I made a lot of progress today, and can't wait to fully explore everything this program does. Set-up was very fast, and very straightforward. This is a great tool for building networks of blogs with REAL content - and I love the fact that with this and WordPress Elite - I can manage multiple blogs by just logging into two doesn't get much better than that! I am still exploring the advanced features - especially the deep linking - that will take a bit of planning to utilize properly - but the possibilities are endless with this feature alone. And - as I said earlier - I much prefer to have everything on my own server - I hate depending on monthly services as you really have no control over anything should the company be sold or go out of business (like the pop-up service I was using that suddenly doesn't work.....and has been sold...and no one is answering emails ) This is the last piece in my Adsense kit - but a very, very essential one! thanks, Olga - I am sure your public launch will be very successful!! Melody Wigdahl Womensnet.Net, home of the Amber Foundation Grants for Women Netrepreneurs - posted on the Warriors forum - Posted - 11/02/2005 : 05:53:19 Just to add my thanks for your help yesterday Olga. I've bought plenty of applications over the last couple of years, and your customer service is second to none. 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