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Customizing Your Graphics for
Niche Health Products

Hi Folks,


I hope you are enjoying and using the monthly graphics that I have been providing. I have been getting requests to make small changes to some of the images. I enjoy being able to do this and thought I would try to make it a little easier for you to get your requests done.

You can contact me Support AT spGraphic dot com any time, I'll try and answer as quickly as possible.

Also, I've created some basic pricing for making some basic text changes to the header and ebook graphics. Simply choose the "Option Number" below, click on the payment button. If your changes are simple, just indicate what is to be changed in the Paypal comment box. Of course, you can always send an email to be at any time.

I wasn't sure how to price these features since I wanted to offer special pricing for Kim's members. I'll try these out and see if they work. If you happen to be in a position of need and just don't have any money, please drop me an email and we'll see what we can work out.

All changes to header or ebook graphics will be returned/sent via email.

I'm always open to suggestions, so please submit them as you can think of any. Also, I would appreciate your patience....I have some health problems that leave me unavailable for short periods of time.

Thank you for your support.

To Your Continued Success,

Scott Parat


Option #1

e-Book Cover Changes

Make altertions to the ebook cover Title and or comments. This is to change or add to the text on the cover only!



Option #2

Change or Add Text To 1 Header Graphic Image

Make changes to the Text on 1 header as provided by to Niche Health Products. I'll change the text on the header to include your desired Title, Author, Website or other Text.



Option #3

Combined Price for Text Changes to Ecover and Header Graphic

Option 3 is for the convience of combining button #1 & #2. To be clear, I will change the text on the ecover and header graphic as you request. Combined cost is $35.00



Option #4

Completely New Set of Customized Website Graphics for Members of Kims NHP Membership Site

For members of Kim's Niche Health Products I have put together a SPECIAL package price for a complete set of customized graphics. It will include the Header graphic (state size), Ebook cover (hard cover or spiral bound) and if desired a Buy Button and Background Image.

Website Graphics Package will cost $85.00



Option #5

Create Custom Header

Create single Custom Header Graphic meeting your desired size and design. Special price for Niche Health Product Members....$50.00 per header.

Cost $50.00



Option #6

Create Custom Ebook Ecover

Create single Custom eBook E-Cover Graphic meeting your desired size and design. Special price for Niche Health Product Members....$40.00 per Ecover.

Cost $40.00





Option #7

Custom Payment or Quoted Price

Please use this payment button if I have quoted a price for custom graphics. You can use this button to make payment for any amount that is due. Simply type in the amount discussed. Please use the Paypal "Comment Section" to identify the purpose of your payment.

Thank You!


Option #