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From: Scott Parat
Location: Chicago, Illinois

Dear Niche Health Site member,

Whether you like it or not, people do just a book by its cover.

And people judge a website by its design.

I know that when you start a new website project, you want to launch with a good-looking website. You want to be able to win the trust of your website visitors with good, professional design.

I know many NHP members have a variety of expertise levels...this package is something anyone can use regardless of your expertise. Even if you want to edit some of the graphics....that is really can pay a graphic designer a small fee to make changes...Heck, as time allows, I'll do it with a good discount.

And I know the problem when it comes to website design.

  • You can get any of those free website templates available on the Internet. But the truth is, they aren't any good. You and I know that.
  • And you can buy a website template from galleries, but they would cost you a bomb. Each website template is no less than $50.
  • And let's not even get started with a custom design from a professional web designer. I don't think you can get a custom design for lesser than $100. Some even charge a minimum of $500 per design.

I purchased this collection of 20 mini site templates for my own use, however, I wish to share them with you. With these templates, you can be sure that...

  • Gain the trust of your web visitors with professionally-designed mini site templates
  • Stay ahead of the trend with Web2.0 style elements
  • Get free traffic with templates optimized for the search engines
  • Choose your own style with sales letter and side menu template variation

If I were to sell these template individually, I would charge no less than $50 each. But because I want to solve the problems that I listed above with getting a good design for your website, I decidede to lower the price.

All mini-site templates contain:

  • XSitePro template version
  • HTML version complete with web graphics
  • Photoshop PSD file
  • Blank header graphic file in GIF or JPG

Unlike most mini site templates merchants where they limit your usage to one website, I don't have any restrictions like that.

When you buy any of these templates, you have the rights to use them on any of your websites. Yes, no domain limits. As long as it's your website, you can use these templates.

Sorry but the $5.00 purchase buttons do not work on this page!......I will sell individual packages at a latter date for a higher price.

Blooming Flower (4)

Green Business (6)

Yellow Art (5)

Blue Business (14)


Omnicron (2)

Stylish Blue (15)

Kinky (18)

Lovely Moments (17)

Green Earth (7)

Price Tag (13)

Ketam Bola (3)

Evergreen (20)

Mano Blue (16)

Classic Style (9)

Hosting Blue (1)

Toy Goat (12)

Stylish Green (10)

Orange Tangerine (19)

Purple Business (8)

Sky Flower (11)


For Serious Internet Marketers Only:
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And Grab 80 *New* Converting Web Graphic Icons, Order Buttons And Guarantee Seals As Exclusive Bonus!

Some of the 80 web graphics included in this package

Yes, I want more for you. For the price of 5 mini-site templates, you can have all the templates that you see on this page. And this time, you also get...

  • XsitePro and HTML Versions to these mini site templates. Use them, change them, print them, edit them... it doesn't matter. You even get the photoshop .psd files so you can edit the master files
  • 80 brand new web graphics -- icons, order buttons and guarantee seals. Use them in any where you want. On your sales letter, your website, your blogs, your products, your videos, in print, on the web...once again....all with the photoshop .psd files so you can edit the master images

With private label rights, it means that you can re-sell them for any price that you want, use them to create another PLR info-product package, use them in your web design business... basically, you can use them in anyway that you want - NO RESTRICTIONS!

And on top of that, you all get a collection of 80 web graphics -- icons, guanrantee seals and order buttons. All in JPG and Photoshop PSD file so that you can edit them in any way that you want.

Get All 20 Mini Site Templates
To Use on Any of Your Websites
And 80 Highly Converting Web Graphics

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No can see what the templates look like in the graphics above!

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