"The Linkbomb Report"

by Kurt Melvin

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Would You Liketo Sit At the Feet of
An SEO Expert...using Whitehat,
Grayhat and Blackhat Methods for
Driving Hordes of Traffic to
Your Website....?

The LinkBomb report is a compilation of techniques, strategies and resources that are revealed in the secret and sometimes underground Kurt Melvin's "BombSquad SEO Forum".

Kurt reveals to the world resources and techniques that he teaches in the Bombsquad forum that are little know or practiced elswhere. Kurt was using social bookmarking before anyone else and has developed strategies for driving massive amounts of traffic to your website using little known or practiced Web 2.0 techniques.

Although Social Bookmarking is discussed, this guide is much more. There's no way anyone could do everything in this guide in a years time....if you implement just a couple of these ideas....you'll develop a steady stream of traffic.

In this Report You Will Discover...

Multiple Hosting - The Gold, Silver, Tin Strategy.

What they are and How to use these strategies for maxium traffic.
Understand this idea and you'll be off to the races.

Templates -
There's two chief benefits for creating free site and blog templates to give away.

Web Scripts

How to use for generating links and traffic...
Where to find directories

Top Photo Directories

Complete list
How to use for traffic

Create Screen Savers

Dig into strategies for backlinks using screen savers...everything you need
Secret technique for using screen savers...new format

Link Building Strategies....using software!

Details in the guide

What are they and how to use them and where to use them!



A whole new world, secrets for using successfully
RSS Blackhole
Directories...a list


Blog farms
Social bookmarking
Bookmark trading
Exchange clubs


Bum Marketing

Guides and Ebooks

Submitting to directories
Free or Paid...which is best

Press Releases

67 Directories...free and paid


Deep Linking

Link Velocity

Link Networks

Network Building


Using Human Ego

Give Awards

Trust Rank




Sacrificial Links


Good Link - Bad Link Ratio

Be a Chick?

Controlling PR/Link Juice - NOFOLLOW

Canonical URLs

Trackback Linking - Products

Response to....Do you think that using Technorati in legit ways is an efficient way to get back links?

Tons of FREE Linking Opportunities
250+ free blog platform

FREE Linking Tools and Resources

Daily Linking Plan

Special Feature: Hard Core Guide to Trackback Linking - by Top Hat Bob


.............there's so, so, so much more!!!!!

Only $10.00

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