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Do you belong to a membership that provides Niche Content?

Do you use your content to create information portals?

Do you use your content to create webpages for Google Adsense income?

Are you one of the few that recognize the importance of creating sites that are unique to you and different than the many other sites that spring up all across the internet?

If you're interested in creating websites that are unique and different then you might be interested in having graphics that are unique to your website. I provide custom graphics for Niche Health Products, a membership site that provides ebooks and articles for various health related niches. These graphics can be used as is or they can be customized. Some members pay me to customize the graphics, which I'm happy to do. Visit Customized Grahics for prices.

If you get the header graphics I provide for Niche Health Products or if you have other generic header graphics then you should know that you can easily customize these graphics by:

  1. Adding your own text
  2. Customizing images
  3. Adding your unique url
  4. Changing the overall color

I found a Graphic Editing software that you can download for free.

By using screen capture Videos I show you how to make basic changes that you get with Niche Health Products or any other header graphic. Fill in your name and email address, watch your email for a confirmation notification, click on that link and download the pdf e-Guide that has the links to:

  1. PhotoPlus a Free Image Editing Software
  2. 2 Free Intro Videos
  3. Learn how to add text, change size and other basic image editing

You'll be very surprised at what this free editing software can do. There's no need to have an image that everyone else will and although Adobe Photoshop is far superior, this is an excellent alternative.

Don't forget, I'm available to do any custom work you might need. Simply send me an email at Custom Graphics