Know Your Rights - MRR, PLR

If you're going to get into the world of Internet marketing, you need to know your rights. I'm not talking about what you can and can't do. I talking about resale rights. Many products out there come with some form of resale rights and it's important to know at least the basics of each. In this article I'm going to briefly go over resale rights, master resale rights, and private label rights.

Resale rights are very basic. Products that come with regular resale rights allow you to simply resell the product as an affiliate of the product. Usually you're given an affiliate link that you send your prospects to and a cookie system tracks where the sale comes from so that you will get credit for it. The most popular affiliate marketplace on the Internet is Clickbank where you have your choice of literally thousands of products that you can resell.

Master resale rights are a little different. With master resale rights, or MRR, you not only can sell the product but you actually get a license to sell it at any price you choose as if it were your own product. Most MRR products come with their own sales page that you can upload to your own domain. In effect, this is very close to creating your own product to sell. The only difference is, the product is not unique as there are many others just like yours out in the marketplace.

Private label rights, or PLR, are the most powerful of all the rights. Not only can you resell the product as if it were your own, but you can also make changes to the product itself. You can change the name of it, redo the graphics and sales page and even change the content itself. This truly makes this product your own if you put enough work into it.

Now, some PLR products do come with restrictions such as you can't sell them at an auction site or you can't pass along PLR rights to others. This is why you have to read the rights file that should come with all products that give either MRR or PLR rights away.

Products that come with rights are a great quick shortcut to building your own product line fast.

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Steven Wagenheim
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